Join TeenSmart’s Legacy Giving Program!

Become a member by doing any of the following:  

  • Name TeenSmart as a beneficiary in your will or trust.

  • Name TeenSmart as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance policy (i.e., donating your policy’s accumulated value to TeenSmart). 

  • Make a gift of stock.

Assuring your Legacy to TeenSmart is easy and inspiring!

You can leave a gift through your Will today! Follow these simple steps:

Suggested bequest language

Write your will in case you haven’t

You can also make a gift with stocks! Here´s how to do it:

No time? Do not worry, our trustworthy TeenSmart team can help you!

If you decide to make a gift to TeenSmart’s Legacy Giving Program in your estate plans, please e-mail Adriana Gómez, TeenSmart’s Executive Director, at: and she will be happy to write and call you back.  

Why give a Legacy Gift? 

Why limit your donations to gifts of cash during your lifetime? 

Go beyond. In addition to donating annually, invest in TeenSmart’s future  

Provide support to the non-profit you love and trust. 

Which is TeenSmart International legal name and information?

In the United States of America:

Name of Beneficiary: TeenSmart International

Address: 107 Apple Cart Way, Morrisville, North Carolina.

Company Registry Number: EIN Number 20-0311647

Phone number: 919-641-4131

Person to contact: Rosa Solórzano, Secretary, Board of Directors

In Costa Rica:

Name of Beneficiary: TeenSmart International

Address: Zapote. De Radio Columbia 100 metros al Oeste,

edificio esquinero blanco, oficina 2. 

Company Registry Number: Cédula Jurídica 3-013-468741

Phone number: (506) 22535618

Person to contact: Adriana Gómez, Executive Director

How will your Legacy Giving make an impact?


  • Prevent and reduce risky behaviors that often derail young people’s lives.

  • Empower thousands of teens to develop healthy lifestyle behaviors and build effective and satisfying lives.
  • Jovensalud’s free services for youth integral health will reach 1 million teens by 2030  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is legacy giving?

A legacy giving is a planned giving. It is a way of making a gift through estate planning, which means you prepare your Will or life insurance to give some of your assets -in the future- to an organization, instead of donating disposable cash right-away today 

Which is TeenSmart International legal name and information?

In United States of America: 

Name of Beneficiary: TeenSmart International

Address: 107 Apple Cart Way, Morrisville, North Carolina. 

Company Registry Number: EIN Number 20-0311647 

Phone number: 919-641-4131 

Person to contact: Rosa Solórzano, Secretary, Board of Directors 

In Costa Rica: 

Name of Beneficiary: TeenSmart International  

Address: Zapote. De Radio Columbia 100 metros al Oeste, edificio  

esquinero blanco, oficina 2.  

Company Registry Number: Cédula Jurídica 3-013-468741 

Phone number: (506) 22535618 

Person to contact: Adriana Gómez 

Note: In case your will take into effect in any other country different to the ones mentioned before, you can always check this out with your legal advisor. 

Will my bequest to TeenSmart International produce a charitable tax receipt?

All the donations to TeenSmart are tax deductible in the United States. As a registered NGO, TeenSmart International can provide a receipt for tax purposes. You always must check this information first with a legal or accounting advisor. 

I want to give a legacy to TeenSmart International. What should I do first?

Thank you for granting TeenSmart International with a Legacy from you! This is an unvaluable contribution for us since it will support our long-term operation to keep going with our vision of supporting and accompanying thousands of Spanish-speaking teens more throughout the Americas. 

The first thing to do is to seek professional assistance from your lawyer, accountant and/or any other relevant bodies that provide Will-drafting services. 

Additionally, we suggest you consider talking to your family about your wish to make a bequest to TeenSmart International in your Will.  

How will TeenSmart use my bequest?

All legacy gifts received by TeenSmart International will be entirely used in the organization’s operational areas. This means your bequest will be securely and ethically invested on our organization’s mission and vision (// and on the work we do (// 

Can I decide how TeenSmart International will use my bequest?

Funds donated will be used in General Operations unless other written instructions are agreed to in advance of the gift. The Board of Directors will decide if the funds will be spent in the FY in which they are received –in accordance with the annual Board-approved budget; or if they will be part of TeenSmart International’s reserves. In general, the funds will become part of the General Operations budget. If the donor so chooses, it can consider allocating his or her donation to a limited number of categories such as Board Strategic Initiatives, Board and Staff Development, Program implementation etc. 

You can give instructions directly to us, calling Adriana Gomez, TeenSmart International Executive Director at (506) 88801261 or writing to ; or you can leave a note on your bequest. 

Can my gift be anonymous?

Yes, we are happy to keep your bequest anonymous if you wish. Just let us know when you fill out this form or call Adriana Gomez, TeenSmart International’s Executive Director, at (506) 88801261, and give her instructions. 

Are legacy giving and legacy gift the same?

Yes, they are interchangeable concepts. Some organizations use legacy giving, and some others prefer to use legacy gift. TeenSmart International utilizes the term “legacy giving”. 

I don’t have a lot of money. Would my small gift make any difference to TeenSmart?

Of course, your gift, for small it seems to you, will make a big difference to TeenSmart International. Your planned contribution for our organization’s future, no matter how small, will generate a lasting impact in the lives of the Spanish-speaking youth everywhere.   

If you can dedicate even a small percentage of your estate to a bequest for TeenSmart International, you will help tremendously to our sustainability and ability to continue serving thousands of teens who are experiencing at-risk situations. 

Which are the types of legacy giving?

A legacy giving could include the following: a bequest in your Will and/or in your life insurance, giving stocks, among others. The most popular type of giving is through a bequest. If you endorse TeenSmart International’s cause, work and effort, and you trust us to make your legacy valuable; you can join TeenSmart International’s Legacy Giving Program by preparing to give a legacy in the future.  


We will give you some legacies examples, but there can be more. You can -and should- consult the following options (and others more) with your legal and/or accounting advisor to get in-depth information about each one. 

 1. Pecuniary legacy: it is gift of a specific sum of money, decided by you at the time you write or alter your Will.

2. Specific legacy: it is a gift of a particular item(s) of property (for example, a house, shares, etc.).

3. Life insurance legacy: you can include TeenSmart International as one beneficiary of your valid life insurance policy and donate a certain proportion of your insurance to our organization.  

If it’s so easy to leave a legacy giving, why does TeenSmart International recommend seeking professional advice?

Everyone’s circumstances are different, and laws change from time to time. A financial or legal advisor can give you the best advice for your situation prior to making a final decision. 

Will leaving a gift in my Will to TeenSmart benefit my loved ones financially?

Yes, it could. But you should always speak with a lawyer or accountant for advice related to your specific circumstances.  

Do I have to tell TeenSmart I´m planning to leave a gift in my Will?

The decision to leave a gift in your Will is confidential. You are under no obligation to tell us of your decision but promises help us to do a better financial planning and being able to take decisions considering your Will within our budget. 

It will also help us a lot to know so we can thank you. Sadly, we don’t always hear about these gifts until it is too late to thank personally the donor and not only to his/her family. 

It would be a great honor to be able to thank you for your generosity now. If you do agree to let us know about your intentions, we’ll also be better able to plan and keep you and your family informed about the impact of your gift.  

And whichever option you decide (keep it confidential or letting us know), we will always respect your privacy and your preferences for receiving any future communications from us.  

What if I change my mind later or my financial situation changes?

Many planned giving methods, such as a bequest, are revocable, which means you can easily make changes to your gift in the future. We also recommend checking this out with your lawyer, accountant or any other advisor. 

Should I leave a gift in my Will or donate now instead?

TeenSmart International is so grateful for any type of donation we receive at whatever time suits you best. Sometimes people can do both: donate cash now and include TeenSmart International in their Will. Other people can’t donate big amounts now but will be able to do it in the future. 

Planned gifts, such as bequests in Wills are incredibly powerful in helping us to plan. It is also a great way for you to keep a lasting support for TeenSmart International, showing your commitment to the Spanish speaker youth for years to come.  

I have already included TeenSmart International in my estate plans. What is the next step?

Thank you for your support to TeenSmart International! Please, if you want to share your decision with us, you can contact us and inform us of your intentions. We would love to recognize you as a member of our Legacy Giving Program, where you will have access to special events and exclusive benefits. 

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