Our Team


Our staff team consists of experienced, energetic professionals who live in Central America and are part of the communities they serve. Several staff members started as volunteers or even used the JovenSalud platform themselves as a teen. We are passionate about working with youth and united by our core belief in the potential of every teen to live a meaningful life.


Adriana Gómez

Executive Director

General Operations

Daysi Jirón

Administrative Coordinator

Carolina Alfaro

Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

Janely Muñoz

Administrative Assistant

Ana Karen Velázquez

Sustainability & Development Coordinator

Ana Esquivel

Communications Coordinator

Promotion & Marketing

Joice Corrales

Latinamerican Alliances Coordinator

Luis Felipe Guillén

Promotion & Marketing Coordinator

Sorayda Aguilar


Graciela Monge


Sirley Morera

UX Designer, Paid Media & Digital Strategist

Educational Platform & Contents

Mariana Harnecker

Departament Director

Carlos Hernández

IT Projects Administrator

Ulises Torelli

Technical Lead

Ericka Hernández

Contents Expert & Services Coordinator

Carla Ruiz

Coaching & Virtual Facilitation Supervisor

Board of Directors

Eric Liljenstolpe, President

Franklin Covey Leadership

Christian Thwaites, Vice President

Former President & CEO
Sentinel Investment

Rosa Solorzano, Secretary

Physician and Public Health Expert
Duke University

Ken Hoadley, Tresurer

Former President
Zamorano University

Rosemary Boehmer de Selva, Vocal


Fernán Gallegos

Business Executive
Cognitiva LATAM

Randolf Kissling

Business Executive
Aura Interactiva

John Hastings

Former Regional Director
Interamerican Development Bank

Cathy Strachan Lindenberg

Public Health Educator/Researcher
and Independent Consultant

Leonor Gutiérrez de Condo

Public Health Specialist
United World College

Mariangeles Morales

Business Executive

Alejandro Silva

International Finances Expert

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TeenSmart is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and is legally registered in the United States, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Email: administracion@teensmart.net

Tel: (506) 2253-5618
Youth services website: www.JovenSalud.net