Today we celebrate one of the most important pillars of human development and society: family relationships. These healthy bonds are protective factors against risky behaviors in adolescence and throughout their life. Family includes not only  blood relatives, but also meaningful connections with friends, peers and trustworthy individuals.

Inform Yourself

The Value of Family in Adolescence

Living in a safe, violence-free environment that is attentive to teens’ needs and open to listening and dialogue offers unique value to their mental health and well-being.

“Family and friendship bonds, where one can trust, talk about concerns and challenges, and receive support, are of unparalleled importance.” – Adriana Gómez, Executive Director of TeenSmart.

TeenSmart International (2024) analyzed over 19,000 responses to health questionnaires on the JovenSalud platform to identify key factors affecting the mental health of our young users. The findings revealed that tense family relationships, among other factors, have detrimental effects on mental well-being.

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At TeenSmart, we aim to serve ONE MILLION YOUTH BY 2030 and you can be part of this dream! 

Thanks to your contribution, we can provide support and tools to thousands of young people in Latin America, leaving a lasting impact on their lives. Our FREE online services ensure that teens in the region make smart decisions and live healthy lives.

Celebrate with Us!

A month of Alliances and Celebrations!

Last April, TeenSmart’s staff participated in several activities where we strengthened partnerships,  learned from others, and enjoyed building alliances that benefits children, adolescents, and youth in the region.

Guatemala: a force of indigenous strength!

On April 15th, our Executive Director Adriana Gómez and the Latin America Alliances Coordinator, Joice Corrales, visited Guatemala at the invitation from FOCUS CENTRAL AMERICA to participate in their Family Foundation Summit.

They also to visit a world-renowned leading school MAIA. Over 2000 teens from Guatemala are registered to JovenSalud.

United for peace with Rotarians!

In April, we participated in the XC District Conference 4240: “Peace through Service,” organized by Rotary International.

During the event we heard lessons learned, alliances, and experiences from different social projects in El Salvador, Panama, Nicaragua,  Costa Rica, Mexico, and the United States.

Additionally, we shared about JovenSalud and developed powerful partnerships!

Inspire Yourself!

Inspire with the great work of numerous partners in Latin America:

On April 10th, we had our first JovenSalud Webinar “Building Healthy Lives!”. 47 participants, from 11 countries, represented their youth development organizations. enrich and complement key actions and  great work held by organizations, for example :
1) The online coaching service strengthens face-to-face interventions.
2) Health, risk, and protection questionnaires provide an immediate diagnosis for decision-making.
3) Forums, blogs, and educational materials can be used for school assignments on topics such as road safety, violence prevention, interpersonal relationships, bullying prevention, among others.

If you work with Spanish- Speaking teens or know a positive youth development organization working with Latino teens,  watch our complete webinar on our YouTube channel below

 If you want to become a promoter partner, contact

Inspire while meditating in the deepness of the word “home”:

The word “homesick” often conjures up images of a child’s fleeting sadness or their temporary yearning for home and family. In today’s culture, the emotion is often dismissed … [as] a fuzzy overnight-camp feeling, not a fierce emotional experience that is key to the human experience and central to our hardwired need for a sense of place and belonging…” Richard Rohr, Center for Action and Contemplation. Read the complete article HERE.

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