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Youth as a Priority

August marks International Youth Month, and at TeenSmart we are always thinking about the challenges teens face, but above all in the great opportunities that we as a society have!

1. Employment and Education:

  • 3.5 million students have been left out of school. School graduation trends among Latin American students are reverting to those of 20 years ago (IDB, 2022).
  • In youth ages 15 to 24, unemployment rates have gone up to 43.8% (IDB, 2021). Being excluded from education and employment prevents young people from enjoying their rights and from actively participating in the development of their countries.

2. Migration and Climate Change:

  • More than 370,000 Central Americans migrate each year.
  • 35% of JovenSalud’s users from Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, have remained in their countries of origin while a close relative – father, mother, guardian or sibling – has migrated.
  • Young people are growing up in a world that is changing around them. Taking climate action now is vital to the well-being of new generations, who will experience three times more climate disasters than their grandparents: 95% of the thickest Arctic ice is gone and 90% of environmental damage is caused by human activity (Seed Scientific, 2021)

New generations can build “the Central American dream” and we can all support them and be part of it. They need roots, psychosocial support, and opportunities in their countries.

3. Mental Health:

Anxiety and depression represent almost 50% of the mental disorders suffered by the population ages between 10-19 in Latin America, and these have increased post-pandemic, according to the latest The State of the World’s Children Report by UNICEF.

TeenSmart continues to improve and educate itself on these topics to remain the number one online resource for young people to make positive life choices and become tomorrow’s leaders.

Listen to a story about the new intervention “My Future Without Borders” for adolescents who remain in their country of origin while a significant member of their family has migrated:

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